• $3,700,000.00

Many of the biggest companies in the world have the smallest website addresses. There are only 676 two-letter domain names in existence. Fewer than 50 are available to be acquired.

With SN.COM you can create or support a global brand. Some of its many possible applications include: Shopping Network, Sports Network, Sports News, Social Network, Serial Numbers, Satellite News and more. SN.COM is perfect for a global market.

Comparable two-letter domain sales:     $8.5 million     2010    $8.0 million     2015     $5.0 million     2012      $4.7 million     2013

Highly Searched: SN receives over 368,000 searches per month on Google®.

Competitive: Advertisers pay up to $2 per click to advertise for the keyword "SN".

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