Domain Name Marketplace, Inc.

Since 1999

When he registered, John Deneen had the idea for a marketplace selling only premium-quality domain names. Even by 1999, most marketplaces were cluttered with low value offerings. Fifteen years later, in partnership with James McGill, the idea became a reality.

Domain Name Marketplace, Inc. is a Pennsylvania business corporation founded in 2014 to meet the needs of buyers and sellers of high-value website addresses. Its clients are premium domain name investors, well-funded start-ups, and global market leaders.


About Us

John E. Deneen, J.D. Managing Partner
Telephone: 1.610.519.1000
John E. Deneen, J.D., Founder and Managing Partner of Domain Name Marketplace, Inc.

John Deneen is a licensed PA attorney and a veteran domain name investor. In 1994, John began one of the first website software companies in the industry. By 1996, he had begun investing and acquiring domain names. He created Domain Name Marketplace in 2014 exclusively for buyers and sellers of high-value website addresses.

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James McGill, Partner and Sales Director
James McGill, Partner & Sales Director

James A. McGill originally hails from England and joined Domain Name Marketplace in 2017. Previously, he was the General Sales Manager for a large automobile marketing organization. Coming from a well-established industry, James was attracted to the unique opportunities available within the nascent and global domain name marketplace.

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